The Construction Methodology consists of activities arranged in a sequence to provide an ordinary and manageable development from inception to commissioning along with considering the following vital factors: o Safety o Quality( Drawings &Documents) o Schedule o Budget o Labour Relations o Community Relations o Site Management and Logistics The construction phase will commence with a “ Kick off “ meeting to confirm the scope of work , collect data on existing situation of plant and site as well as identify any further required information such as specific requirements of  “Project Outline“. Based on this information, the management, quality assurance and construction plans are tailored to suit the agreed contract strategy. “FNPE” construction management team has comprehensive and proven procedures and systems to handle, conduct and accomplish the mentioned plans. These procedures and plans are concluded from our “Construction Methodology” which contains categories of concepts and activities with logical sequences and relations to assure the safe and reliable construction of plants.
Isolated phase of Bus Duct (Construction & Installation)
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